Our Core Beliefs And Key Tools

Business is about humans creating value for other humans. Designing strong business models and effectively leveraging new technologies is extremely important today. But understanding and maximizing the value of your business for people (employees and customers) is absolutely crucial today, more than ever.

our secret sauce: consumer ethnographies, multivariate segmentation, customer journey mapping

Most of the modern market challenges require multiple fields of expertise and cross traditional company silos. Creating effective and innovative solutions requires combining different perspectives and aligning company stakeholders and external partners. We don’t “sell” strategies, we develop them in close collaboration with our clients, their partners, customers and experts, because we believe that this is the way to get better results and ensure execution in the future.
our secret sauce: consumer labs & co-creation, gamestorming, design thinking
Too many times strategic documents become dusty gigabytes of Powerpoint on the company’s server. The reason is that nobody knows what to do with all these mdart graphs and words. Good strategies are never abstract or generic. In our projects we illustrate all concepts with examples, make sure that people, who will be executing are onboard and there is a clear roadmap for execution.
our secret sauce: visual recording, semiotics, rapid prototyping

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